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Vita – your single source for packaging consumables

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How do I find the right consumables for packaging print?

That’s a good question, not least because packaging print encompasses such a wide variety of processes and products.

Not only is there a vast array of substrates in terms of foils and films, boards and paper, but the print processes themselves – offset, flexo and gravure – also have very different requirements and capabilities.

Finding the right consumables to cater for all these variables and types of packaging can be a daunting task.

That’s why Böttcher has its own dedicated brand of packaging consumables called Vita.

Products under the Vita brand name cover all the main packaging print processes across a wide range of items including rollers, blankets, coating plates, sleeves and impression cylinders, as well as fountain solution additives, washes and cleaning agents.

In total there are more than 60 different product items in the Vita range. Specific product information is here.

In addition, Böttcher products are also used in the raw material processing for foil and film manufacturing as well as the end processes of converting – winding, slitting, laminating, folding and bonding.

Why so many products?

The answer lies in the diversity of process requirements demanded of today’s packaging print consumables.

At any one time, running a packaging press may involve managing numerous critical variables including heat, friction, electrical conductivity, different types of inks and varnishes, as well as meeting the strictest requirements for food safety compliance.

This is an extremely demanding manufacturing environment, especially when you factor in the ever-present need to reduce costs and improve quality.

No single pressroom product can be expected to meet all these demands, hence the need for a broad portfolio of products to suit all circumstances.

Vita – A single source

The Böttcher approach to packaging print is encapsulated by the phrase ‘Everything from a Single Source’.

This strategy recognises that it is beyond the capabilities of any single printer or converter to understand how every single component of the print process should be combined to maximum effect.

For Böttcher, however, this is a reality – a complete suite of packaging products cross-matched for optimum compatibility.

This means that when Vita products are combined across different print processes and stages of the packaging production chain, users can be confident of a solution that works reliably and harmoniously.

ProColora rollers

Trust in Vita food safety

A critical issue in the packaging sector these days is food safety. Low-migration materials and consumables are essential to ensure consumer confidence and trust in the safety of food packaging.

The Vita brand products are tested and certified by independent testers for conformity with the latest food processing regulations.

This means that printers can be confident the products they are using in their pressroom comply with current food safety standards.

For instance, special surface coatings on the Böttcher ProColora and ProAqualis rollers ensure that rubber compounds are not extracted by the inks and fountain solution and transferred to the finished product.

The Vita series also includes washes and fountain solutions that have been optimised and certified for low-migration printing.

Consistent quality wherever you are

The concept of a single source of packaging consumables offers a guarantee of consistent quality across all markets.

At a time when packaging is increasingly shifting towards regional rather than national markets, the Vita brand offers users the same high standards of performance no matter where the production takes place, whether it’s in Australia, New Zealand, Asia or more than 80 countries worldwide.

Packaging manufacturers are therefore better placed to meet the demands of global brand owners and retailers, regardless of where their production takes place.

So to find the right consumables for your packaging print, start with Vita – check out the product range here.