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Printing rollers

Elastomer rollers coverings – outstanding performance, a versatile product range

Industrial production would be virtually inconceivable without rollers and cylinders. Graphic rollers are found in every printing process: offset (sheetfed and web), rotogravure, flexography.

In close co-operation with systems manufacturers and operators, we develop and produce the right covering material and the optimi­sed roller for each different production process.

We produce machine components that meet highest standards and withstand extreme stress and strain in continuous three-shift operation. The covering material is a flexible rubber or plastic compound. Geometry, surface quality and compounding combine to produce the ideal covering. For development and design, we provide our customers a roller dimensioning program, nip-width calculation and core configuration.

Roller performance profile

  • core manufacture
  • core diagnosis and repairdynamic balancing
  • removal of old coverings (patented Frocut system)
  • environmentally safe disposal
  • building, extruding, casting
  • touch-free laser measurements
  • turning, peeling, milling, grinding, polishing
  • crate loan system
  • ruling, profiling, laser engraving
  • transport service
  • assembly of roller accessories


Product information

  • Sheetfed offset

    Information about our rollers and compounds for sheetfed offset
  • Web offset

    Information about our rollers and compounds for web offset
  • Rotogravure

    Information about our rollers, sleeves and impression rollers for rotogravure printing
  • Flexography

    Information about our sleeves for flexography printing

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