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The world is growing smaller and smaller. The globalization of culture and consumer awareness, the worldwide presence of the internet and the rapid evolution of global logistics systems – all of these factors are turning local markets into international ones. And the face of a product is becoming increasingly important in this environment. Brand owners, distributors and especially customers are posing increasingly demanding aesthetic requirements.

The pressure to set products apart from their competitors through attractive, high-quality packaging is relentless. Cost pressure is equally persistent. Manufacturers strive to optimise costs through local or regional production, while maintaining brand integrity and global quality standards.

To achieve these objectives, networked production systems need fully standardised processes and materials that are equally good and reliable all over the world.

Quality, reliability and proximity to our customers – these are the essential advantages Böttcher offers packaging producers. For over the course of our 288 year history, we have developed an unparalleled global structure that combines a worldwide pledge of quality with outstanding local service in Australia.

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