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Printing blankets – high-tech for high demands

Printing blankets – high-tech for high demands SHARE THIS:

BöttcherTop blanket series

The blanket transfers the print image to the sheet and has thus a very special influence on the printed result. Particularly the texture of the surface and the structure and compressibility of the carcase determine whether the printed image appears in the desired quality on the sheet, independent of run length and printing speed.

Exact dot reproduction, rich, even solids, quick sheet and web release and reduced piling and linting, all these criteria are achieved with the aid of Böttcher products. Excellent smash resistance and gauge stability guarantee top performance. And this quality pays off, as printers who use optimum printing blankets and coating plates work much more economically.

With the BöttcherTop rubber blanket series, Böttcher offers particularly balanced blankets for each application. Versatile rubber surface layers on stable and durable carcases offer a reliable solution for use on a wide range of ink systems and paper stocks.

Innovative technologies for a perfect printing result

Böttcher‘s extensive experience in the development of rubber rollers gave birth to a new generation of printing blankets with a very wide range of applications for all aspects of offset printing.

Böttcher is breaking new ground in blanket R&D: The Twin-technology with two compressible layers in a printing blanket, combines the advantages of both hard and soft blankets. Excellent mechanical resistance and reduced heat build-up are advantages of the new technology and guarantor for a perfect print result.

Coating is in vogue – (Picture BT1004-1005)

Coated prints- especially for the packaging industry – often simply look better. The printed sheets become resistant to scratches and the product can be handled and finished quicker.

Böttcher offers an extensive range of coating plates and blankets for flood and spot coating – Talk to your representative about our sensational BT1001 coating plate today!